♥ Tommy & Lindsey’s wedding pictures ♥


We have been patiently waiting while the
photographers worked their magic on
over 1000+ pictures!!!

Please visit Photo Elan’s blog HERE and see how lovely
Tommy & Lindsey’s special day was ~

PLEASE leave a comment on their website

to let us know what you think!!!

If the kids receive enough comments

they’ll earn additional photos

for their package…


4 thoughts on “♥ Tommy & Lindsey’s wedding pictures ♥

  1. Had fun looking through the great pictures. What neat reminders of their special day. Their photographer did a wonderful job. Congratulations again on your children's wedding.


  2. Wonderful photos of a beautiful wedding! (I wrote the word beautiful a lot…when I left a comment there…couldnt help it :o) Those photos and memories will be treasured forever!

    Blessings & Aloha!
    Thank you also so much for stopping by! I am off today again yay! so catching up on more blogging and art orders :o) …um, I should squeeze in some housework too…
    (I love my days off to do the art and quilting and other fun stuff!)


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