#5 Half Marathon Recap

Seattle Rock ‘n Roll Half Marathon

Who would have thought that I would be
running my 5th half marathon in a year?!?!?
Def not me!!! But YEAH!!! I did it…

Our morning started with an early 4:30AM wakeup
and after rechecking our gear we headed for the start line.
The picture above shows the 25,000-30,000 people participating!!
It was a perfect 47 degrees at race time with no rain in sight…

This is my new daughter-in-law and me before the race start
(don’t judge, it was 6:30 in the morning w/o my face on!!)

The race course takes you along Lake Washington
for about 3 miles which is absolutely gorgeous.

There was a humbling display by WEAR BLUE: RUN TO REMEMBERwhich is a running community that serves as a
living memorial to the service & sacrifice
of the American Military.
This really made you proud to be an American
and thankful for those that gave the
ultimate sacrifice for our freedom…

I didn’t break any personal records with this run
but I have come so very far from last year;
my first half marathon was run here and as I ran past
areas I remember struggling at last year I began
realizing what all my training has done for me.
The internet searching, the reading blogs and
magazine articles and monitoring training times
has all been well worth the effort!

It’s all about the METAL!!!
(Yes, I meant to spell it that way!!)


10 thoughts on “#5 Half Marathon Recap

  1. I'm so proud of you, Leslee! You are such a strong person, and such a positive inspiration for me with my love of running 🙂 Congrats again – you are amazing! ❤


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