Thanksgiving 2011

We began our Thanksgiving at the airport!

Picking up the new Uncle & Auntie from Seattle…
Responses to meeting their new niece!!
Harlow in all her cuteness…
I was a happy Momma surrounded by my children ♥
Lovely centerpiece sent to us by
dear daughter-in-laws Mom in Seattle!
A bountiful table…
My amazing family…
4 generations
Hubs, his Mother, Baby Harlow & dear daughter
♥ ♥ Happy Grandparents ♥ ♥
I had a wonderful and very thankful Thanksgiving.  I’ve been off for 9 days and have had my family together every single day!!!  We shared meals and much simple time chatting!  My hearts is heavy today as we took the kids to the airport as they return to their life in Seattle and I will not see Harlow & her parents until the weekend.
I will keep these days close to my heart as I too return to the real world 🙂  Gearing up for Christmas and all the excitement of the season…


6 thoughts on “Thanksgiving 2011

  1. What a blessing to have gotten so much quality time with your family Leslee, so glad it all worked out! How fortunate you are to be so close to your grand daughter. I know how hard it was for my own mom to leave after all three of mine were born. Thanks for sharing the photos!


  2. I read this a couple weeks ago and meant to comment but must have got sidetracked. I enjoyed seeing your pictures. So nice you could all be together and share the joy of the addition of a new family member. What a treasure.


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