Uncle Tommy’s visit

Dear Son came for a visit from Seattle to see his niece.

I get super excited when I see his plane arrive 🙂

We put Uncle Tommy right to work feeding the baby…

Next day we hosted a brunch for the family and shared our baked goods ~
Hubs and I had made swedish tea ring and sweet rolls…

Granddaughter Harlow & her 2nd cousin Jake ‘performing for the family’
We put the babies in the center of the floor and
they kept everyone entertained for nearly an hour!! 
It was great to see them together 🙂
Harlow & her Uncle spent some time watching the NFL playoff game

Uncle Tommy just cracks me up!!!

It was a great visit, always wonderful to have my family together ~ ♥
Uncle Tommy was able to spend quality time with his niece
and we look forward to the next visit!!


11 thoughts on “Uncle Tommy’s visit

  1. Hooray for a great visit!!! Those swedish tea rings look yummy! I wonder if they ship to Louisiana well? LOL!

    How sweet that two little ones that can't even talk can keep people entertained for so long. Babies are just so wonderful!!!


  2. No wonder he comes to visit if you make such great food. My husband will do almost anything for homemade cinnamon rolls. That's so neat your son would take the time to travel to meet his niece. Hopefully that will be a relationship he'll continue to cultivate.


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