Back in the kitchen

One of my favorite places in my home is my kitchen ~
I love trying new recipes and making food for others!

I spent 5 hours today in my happy place 🙂

I prepped a pork roast for the crock-pot by smothering it in my homemade BBQ sauce

Having used the last of my sauce, I made a new batch!

Now that dinner was cooking I set out on my next dish…
Mocha cheesecake

Next I set up dinner for Tuesday night, Valentine’s Day

I found a great recipe for chicken cordon blue
for the crockpot!!!

Lastly, I made the cakes for my attempt at Red Velvet cake!

I’ll take that to work on Wednesday, but with the cakes baked
I’ll only need to frost on tuesday night.
Hopefully I am please enough with it to take a photo
to post later !


7 thoughts on “Back in the kitchen

  1. Nice job, getting things ready for the week ahead. That dessert looks yummy!

    P.S. can you changed your RSS so your pics show up in Readers and the full post. Thanks! 😉


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