Double digit training run #rnrportland

Today my long run was set for 10 miles, per my current training plan.  My first double digit run in quite some time!!!

I had a bit of a stressful and busy day at work yesterday and was exhausted last night, hit the hay by 8:30 p.m.  Adding to the day I had an ocular migraine, which pretty much saps my energy.

I awoke this morning looking forward to my run as we were headed to our local river parkway which always affords so much wildlife it’s exciting.  There was a half marathon using the trail today which we knew about but headed upstream so as not to interfere with that race.  I had a bit of a cluster starting off as I could not get my Garmin 410 to start, I had somehow locked the bezel!!!  Once I figured this out I was off…

It was a great day to run, 47 degrees and overcast.  Short sleeves were perfect and I wore my waist fuel/water belt for support.


The American River had a nice amount of water, although we hear so much about a drought in California…


Per my training I needed to run an 11:34 pace which I have been having a really hard time keeping it that low, but today I didn’t do too bad 🙂  All of my miles were in the 11:00/mile pace with only mile 6 being near the called for pace.  I’ll take that since I felt so good at the 10 mile mark I went .50 mile more!!!  I then went ahead and slogged the remaining .60 mile back to the car.

Today ended my week with 19 miles and will increase next week by a mile.  I’m three weeks away from my first half marathon this year; Rock n’ Roll Portland and am feeling really excited to see how staying true to the training plan and doing the tempo runs and speed work will help me.

Did you have a long run today?  How did it go??



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