Motherless Mother’s Day

I recall vividly my 1st Mother’s Day – My daughter was a mere 4 weeks old and I felt SO special!!!  I was being honored for being a Mom… Something that I had celebrated my own Mother for for many years…  Today and for the past 8 Mother’s Days I celebrate the woman who taught me how to be the woman and Mother that I am today…  However, this holiday is now very difficult for me since my Mother’s passing.

I am saddened by all of the things that she is missing; birthdays, graduations, weddings, and great-grandchildren.  Fortunately, a little piece of my Mother is evident in both my Sister and I and her grandchildren.  I am making sure that her great-grandchildren know full well what a wonderful person my Mother was.  I want her to live forever through me and them.  My Mom will not be forgotten…

I am a Motherless Mother but know that she taught me to be strong and independent, perhaps there was a reason.  Perhaps without really knowing why, she taught me these things to enable me to move forward in my life without her.

Today, I will celebrate the wonderful Mother that my own daughter has become and trust that Mom is looking in on us both to guide us through this life until we meet again.

I love and miss you Mom…


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