The Gift #lifeisgood

I had the most amazing moment this morning on my run, I had to share… After a rocky start to my long run along the AR bike trail, I had the most amazing paradigm shift!!! I was struggling with several issues (female related) and was doubting my self classification as a runner and why was out here at all!!.  Dear hubs pointed out a herd of deer to me about the same time we passed a Mom and her two daughters enjoying a walk along the trail.  I doubled back and knelt down along the trail and motioned to them to come to me and Shhhhhh!  We all knelt and enjoyed the view of the herd as they enjoyed their morning meal along the trail.

AR Bike trail deer fam

The Mom pulled out her camera and began to click pictures as I spoke softly to the two daughters about the deer herd; their large ears and how they were listening to us and what they might be eating.   As I left the Mom and her daughters I said to them “enjoy the rest of your day’…  The Mom looked up to me and said ” you too, and thank you for the gift”.  THE GIFT!!  Imagine that… My simple act of pointing out these deer to this family meant so much to them…  As I continued on with my run I pondered at all of the events of my morning and how timing was everything!  Had I not been through all of my obstacles this morning, I would not have been where I was to experience this moment with this Mom and her two young daughters…

There are these simple times in our lives that points out our purpose, today was mine.

Have you ever had a moment that helps you change your paradigm for the day?  What was it?


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