Turkey Enchiladas


My retired fire guy (RFG) and I are always looking for new recipes to try and love spending time in the kitchen together!

One of the items we look for in a recipe is a dish that can be packaged and frozen.   RFG is a whitewater raft guide and since he is retired, he is able to take multiple day trips on various rivers which requires a very organized meal plan.  Many of the meals that have been packaged and frozen can be thawed/cooked in boiled water at nightly camps on the river.


We had some wild turkey meat that was braised for three hours (forgot the pics on this step)!!  You could certainly use fresh turkey or leftover meat from Thanksgiving.


After shredding the turkey meat we mixed in freshly made tomatillo sauce (prepared in the blender), grated cheese, sliced olives and salt/pepper.  Save some of the tomatillo sauce to pour on the bottom of your pan and over the top of your rolled enchiladas.


Place about 2-3 tablespoons of the meat mixture onto separate small tortilla shells.


Place your rolled tortilla shells in an oblong casserole pan that has been lined with your fresh tomatillo sauce.

After all your rolled tortilla shells have been placed in the pan cover them with the remaining tomatillo sauce, then grated cheeses and chopped olives.


Place the casserole in a 350 degree oven for 30-45 minutes.


You can dig right in and enjoy or if you plan to prepare your enchiladas for freezing let cool.  We find that partially freezing after the casserole cools makes it much easier to cut & prepare for freezing.

Hope you enjoy!!



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