#RocknRollPortland recap


Lifetime half marathon #20 in.the.books!!!

Our run-cation to Portland began a little rocky; flight was cancelled however the folks at Alaska Airlines were able to book us on a later flight, still arriving the same evening, just 2 hours later.  This actually worked out well for us since our Son and daughter-in-law were driving to Portland and arrived in time to pick us up from the airport.

This was my first trip to Portland and I was full of anticipation!  Saturday morning after breakfast at The Bijou Café we took the TriMet (public transportation) to the Rock n’ Roll Portland fitness expo held at the Oregon Convention Center.  Something I loved about Portland was the ability to leave your car and take public transportation just about anywhere we wanted to go!!

I had the expo map all marked for the booths I wanted to check out and best utilize my time at the expo!  I loved that the RocknRoll Marathon folks have switched over to a reusable bag for gear check!!  Smart move!!!


After the expo we met a high school classmate of dear hubs’ at Life of Pie, an excellent place for wood fired pizza!  Although only been open for 6 months they have already been named the #2 pizza place in Portland!  Their oven was made in Napoli, Italy and they make the dough fresh daily.

Following a bit more sightseeing (Portland Street Market) and a nap 🙂 we set out to get a filling pasta dinner before the run the next morning!  Little did we know that most of the downtown restaurants were filled with prom attendees!!  We were fortunate enough to find a great place (thanks Bubba) to eat at Rock Bottom Brewery, which offered both a pasta meal and liquid carb loading…

We awoke race morning to grey skies and impending rain!!  After a short walk to the start line we found shelter under an awning to stay dry, which was directly across the street from the race start line.  We were able to watch all of the happenings and hear all of the race information.

Pre-Race Here I am pre-race sporting my #Inknburn Wave tank & arm sleeves

Just about race start time the rain let up and it was go time!!!  I made the way to my corral and off we went!  I was really anxious about this run as I had completely changed my training around and was prepared to (hopefully) PR.  I settled in to a comfortable pace and kept an eye on my Garmin to ensure that I was keeping a steady pace throughout the run.  I also made it a point to observe my surroundings, something I make sure of on every destination race that I participate in!!  Portland had so much to offer…  We crossed over the Willamette River twice; once crossing over on The Hawthorne Bridge, which is a truss bridge with a vertical lift that spans the Willamette River. It is the oldest vertical-lift bridge in operation in the United States and the oldest highway bridge in Portland.

The course was from from flat, but the elevation changes were very subtle.  I could definitely see/feel the change but vowed to not walk and just slowed down to save energy.  Before I knew it I was headed back into downtown Portland and saw the 12 mile marker and felt really well!!  My Garmin is set to show me current time, pace and mileage so I had no idea of my overall time but hoped again that I could PR.  Coming in to the finishing chute I saw my Son and then my daughter-in-law with dear hubs and this is always where I loose it!  I suppose simply being a female and seeing my loved ones waiting for me gets me everytime!

I gathered my finishers medal (see below-so cute it is a bottle opener!) and headed for the family greeting area to meet my family.  While I waited I wanted to check my finishing time, but was scared a bit too!  At the Rock n’ Roll events they have a PR gong that you can hit if you set a PR, and of course I wanted to do that!!!  My family arrived and after telling them about my wonderful experience they asked how I did to which I said I haven’t checked…  Now was the time…  Check it, how did you do???  I did well, I cut nearly 20 minutes off my recent finish times but missed my PR by 3 minutes!!!  Although a bit bummed, I know that I felt great and I trained and ran smart and efficient so I wasn’t too terribly disappointed.  Next time… Yep, I’ll give it another try next month at RocknRoll Seattle!!!

Thanks Portland and Rock n’ Roll series…  Have you run Portland or run a Rock n Roll race???




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