Easy DIY 4th of July wreath

One of my favorite bloggers Half Crazy Mama shared a DIY wreath for the 4th of July recently. I’ve been craving a new project and found this to be just perfect!!!

There is a new Hobby Lobby in town and since I had not been yet I took this opportunity to check it out!

I found everything that I needed in one stop; 3 packages of 24 clothespins, one wire wreath and 3 cans of fast dry spray paint (red/white/blue).  You could use liquid paint if you would like a more ‘Americana’ feel, but since I used flat paint I was happy with my choice of spray paint.

Lay out your clothespins leaving enough room to allow the paint to reach all the nooks and crannies of the clothespins.

Paint each 24 pack of clothespins one color (red/white/blue) turning them over to paint the other side.  Once dry, paint white ‘stars’ on the blue clothespins.


Place the clothespins around the wreath wire, using fewer blue to emulate the stars on a flag.

Here is the finished product!!  I plan to use a clear coat sealer to preserve the paint color.


I’m super excited to use this same idea and re-use this wreath for other holidays; pastel colored clothespins for Easter, Fall colors for Halloween/Thanksgiving, etc.  BTW, this project cost me about $15-$20…  Super cheap and SO fun!!!

Do you have any fun/easy DIY projects??


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