Runners Etiquette

Having run my share of races and training runs, I felt compelled to share a few do’s and don’t of race day etiquette.  Thanks to Karen for allowing me to use her post as a launch pad for my own!

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Don’t Hog the Road– If you are running in a group don’t run more than two abrest. This leaves room for others to pass you. I’ve been at races where people are walking 4-5 people across and it’s really difficult to navigate. Share the road, we all want to cross the finish line!

Porta Potty Knock- We all know that runners are in a mad rush to get in and out of the potty before/during a race and in our haste we sometimes forget to lock the door or knock to make sure no one is in there. Give a courtesy knock 🙂

Walk This Way- I understand run/walk intervals but in a large race it can be difficult to constantly be stopping mid stride with so many people around you.  Stick to one side and be sure to look around before coming to a complete walk.

MVP- It takes a lot of people to put on a race and I always consider the volunteers the MVP’s of raceday. Be sure to thank volunteers at water stations, at the finish line and even at the start line!

Manners Matter- Races can be crowded and people are bound to bump shoulders and brush elbows but I always try to be as careful as possible and leave enough space between myself and another person. I also always try to be courteous if I accidentally bump somoeone and give a little “oops!” or “sorry about that” if I really bump into them. Not everyone responds (headphones on or in the zone) but I try my best to mind my manners.

What are your race day etiquette tips?  Did I miss any of yours??


One thought on “Runners Etiquette

  1. The “hogging the road” thing is a huge pet peeve of mine. On my long run last Saturday, I was running towards two women (running next to each other) on the sidewalk and rather than switch to single-file (share the road, right?) the one “in the middle” just slammed right into me. I guess I slammed into her as well, but I shouldn’t have had to hop into the grass to accommodate them. So I didn’t. My shoulder still hurts, BTW. 🙂

    In one race last year, I had to dodge a line of SIX women – all running and holding hands. It was like some crazy Mean Girls version of Red Rover.

    The walk/run thing during races drove me crazy even when I was walking more than running. People would just start walking without looking, and I’d run into them. Then they’d look at me like I was at fault…like I was in a car and shouldn’t have been following so closely. I did find as I moved up with faster-paced folks that the walking has lessened, so less chance of injury for me.


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