My 5th Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix #5 has arrived!!! IMG_5780 For those of you following along and haven’t heard about Stitch Fix, it is a service that you join and they will send you 5 items according to the style profile that you fill create. The “Fix” charge varies, and you are charged a $20 styling fee with each shipment but if you keep the entire “Fix” you are credited the styling fee and receive a 25% discount. With you fix you are sent a pre-paid bag to return your items if you decide to send anything or all of it back.  You must make your decision within 3 days. The note I received from my stylist was personalized and thoughtful, LOVED IT!! Thank you Shannon… Here is where you can help!  Let me know your thoughts… Pomelo Tracy Dot Print Cross Back Knit Top Verdict – Love & KEEP This top is super soft and floats over me well!  I liked how it looked with a pair of jeans but it would look great with a pair of white crop pants (I need to get a pair)!!  I adore the back of this top!! securedownload6 securedownload7

41 Hawthorn Montgomery Chevron Cross-Front Top Verdict – Keep I like the way this top fits, hugs my waist.  I can see this with a white linen skirt I have too!  For the price I find this top a find!! securedownload8

Brixon Ivy Kaila Embroidered Hem Dress Verdict – Undecided, but leaning towards KEEP This dress fits well (needs ironing!) and could be versatile; as suggested by my stylist to add the 41 Hawthorne Bryn Short-Sleeve Open-Front Cardigan… securedownload5securedownload4 Also, the hem detail is SO pretty!securedownload9

Market and Spruce Alexia Chambray Belted Shirt Dress Verdict – Not Crazy about it – RETURN (but the 25% discount and $20 styling fee pay for it) Besides needing to be ironed the arms on this are a little long for me, although my arms are not short.  The sleeves are made to be rolled up, so that issue could be fixed.This is definitely a cold weather dress, and would look super cute with a pair of boots and a wide leather belt rather than the fabric one sent with it.  The fabric is super soft! securedownload2

Zad Mollie Beaded Drop Earrings Verdict – Undecided I think the earrings are pretty, but find them pricey… securedownload[1]

So there it is… Stitch Fix #5! I would LOVE your input!!!! And if you are interested in receiving your very own “Fix” , here is my referral code for you to use:


Kept all items 🙂


5 thoughts on “My 5th Stitch Fix

  1. I like all of it actually, but I see what you mean about the shirt dress and the earrings. I’m to tired to do the math, but the 25% discount might make it worth while to keep it all? The shirt dress with boots like you said or even some fun colored heels and funky jewelry would be super cute too.

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  2. I agree with all your opinions…the chevron sleeveless is the best…flatters you in all the right ways :). The belted shirt dress is just too baggy in places for you. I’m not much of a jewelry person so I would probably say no to 32 earrings but if you think you would wear them a ton keep em! I really should jump on the stichfix bandwagon!


    • Thanks Lauren! I’m just wondering what the shirt dress would look like pressed… May give it a try! I agree, the chevron top is my FAV!!! Be sure to use my referral link if you decided to try Stitch Fix out. Remember, you can stop at any time, so give it a try and enjoy the fun!!


  3. I loved the two tops!!! The dress is lovely on you…didn’t care for the cardigan, and I think the Jean dress could be fixed and added to, like you suggested. I say keep!


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