Grief Retreat

I recently took a trip to Eastern Washington; also along was my daughter, daughter-in-law and her Mom.

I knew this trip would have challenges for me, many firsts; remembering where the car was parked at the airport, flying without Steve and putting my own luggage in the overhead.  It’s not that I took these things for granted, but I enjoyed knowing they were taken care of, that I was taken care of and that there was always someone by my side.

The trip had been planned as a chance for us all to be together again and after our first evening we affectionately named it “The Grief Retreat”.  We shared stories, talked about our fears & frustrations for the future, cried, took long walks, made an amazing bbq dinner, cried again, went wine tasting and cried some more. Don’t get me wrong, this was a great trip but we just happened to need to ‘cry it out’… a lot 🙂  It was good for me to get away for a few days, my mind has been swirling with so many thoughts, decisions and generally trying to see what my future looks like as a widow.  Yes, see there, I said it – On many of the forms I have been filling out there is a box for that… a new one for me.  So back to the trip…

Eastern Washington is nothing like what you think of when you think of Washington; it’s a desert!  Eastern Washington is where a lot of folks from Seattle have vacation or second homes so they can escape the rain 🙂


There is also ample vineyards and wineries, we visited Cave B Estate Winery which sites on a cliff above the Columbia River.  The weather was fantastic and we enjoyed our lunch on the patio while we took in the beautiful view.


IMG_6030IMG_6036IMG_6032photo 1

Too soon it was time to return home to California, but I’ll remember this weekend forever – Love these ladies!!!


The parting shot – Trying to be artsy out the plane window, seeing our own shadow…


5 thoughts on “Grief Retreat

  1. Crying is so healthy and so needed. It doesn’t make it any easier though. I am so glad you have amazing people in your life. A “Grief Retreat” with loving ladies is great medicine. xoxo


  2. We love Eastern WA, try to escape there once a year or so for some of that dry desert air! It sounds like it was a wonderful trip, full of love and good memories. Thinking of you every day. xoxo


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