My Green Thumb

Lately I stay pretty close to home and have found peace and comfort working in the yard; it’s where I feel close to him… Steve had recently renovated both the front and backyards; drought tolerant plants and a small area of grass.  He was so far ahead of the water shortage crisis!!

Since our summer crops in the garden are about finished I wanted to try my hand at keeping his gardens running smoothly –  After questioning the experts at the local nursery I made a few purchases and came up with the following choices:


Sweet Basil


Brussels Sprouts


Cheddar Cauliflower


Broccoli Green Crown





I love the basil as I can make pesto and the cilantro goes in several dishes as well.  The others are all new to me and basically an experiment, I didn’t plant a lot of them as I don’t know what the yield will be nor how useful they will be.  I’m rather excited to see how the brussels sprouts turn out!!


8 thoughts on “My Green Thumb

  1. All great choices … I really love home grown celery. I was told by master gardeners that I had to blanch it before using it and I never did. It tasted amazing right out of the summer garden.


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