Dear 2014

It’s not you… it’s me!

It’s time we part ways… we had some really great times but we certainly had a huge bump in our relationship road.

We started out fantastic; full of love, full of hope and full of anticipation for the new year.

We had the family trip of a lifetime to Maui; who would have thought it would be our last with the current family members?  We were able to watch our granddaughter play in the Pacific Ocean for the first time and enjoy playing in the warm Hawaiian sand.  We learned to paddleboard as a family and spend an entire day on the beach practicing our paddle board skills and snorkeling at Black Rock.  We paddle boarded with the sea turtles and even got to hear the whales calling to each other under the ocean!  We never missed a sunset; always ‘posted up’ each night to enjoy the beauty and splendor.  Thankfully, we had family pictures taken during one of those sunsets – those pictures will mean so much to us…  I’ll never forget the sights seen that night on the beach.

We watched and supported my daughter as she completed a 50k (31.7 mile) race and were present to see her run her first 50 mile race.  Having her Dad pace her during these races will be something she will never forget…

We celebrated the 80th birthday of my mother-in-law; it was an awesome day and it was wonderful to meet family members after 36 years!!!

We enjoyed preparing food and gear for the annual father/son raft trip on the Deschutes River!  What a blessing!  I know that this trip will be one to remember for my son!

In an effort to be proactive, the front and backyards were prepared for drought-tolerance and the inside of the house received a new coat of paint.

We traveled to Portland, Oregon (my first trip) where I completed my 20th half marathon.  We also traveled to Seattle, Washington where we spent time with my son and daughter-in-law and made the perfect pizza grilled on the bbq!

2014, I’m afraid we will always have a love/hate relationship – You see, although we shared seven months that I will never, ever forget the final five were the most painful months of my life. I had to say goodbye to my one true love and although I want to cling to you forever as you were the last year we had, I have to move on to 2015 and hope that it will be kinder to my heart.  You and the years before you were the best I have ever had, but please understand my partial disdain of you… You represent the end of a life that I loved, that I was comfortable in and that I will never forget.

If you have any pull with your cousin 2015, please ask for kindness for me and my family as we have been through so much with you and I think we deserve a kinder and much more peaceful year in 2015.

Thanks so much…


4 thoughts on “Dear 2014

  1. Wow! What a beautiful year with your love. Cheers my dear and a very Happy 2015. I can’t remember anything specific 2014 pre loss, but there are some awesome memories.


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