You dirty rat…

As you know I take my gardening very serious –

When we began winter gardens, Steve made a cover for the raised garden planters out of pvc pipe and visqueen (plastic sheeting).  We recently had a cold front move through which brought freezing temps at night, this requires blankets over the winter cover to insure there is no frost damage.  The freezing nights and cold days had me leaving the covers on for 2-3 days.  When the weather began to warm some and the sun came out I headed out to remove the cover/blankets to allow the garden to enjoy the sunshine.  This is what I found:

IMG_6887 IMG_6886 IMG_6885

Yup, dirty rate had gotten in the garden and devoured all of the little brussels sprouts that had grown and even ate the leaves and most of the stalks!!!  Additionally, they ate the lone cauliflower that I had, which was about 6″ in diameter! and had even made a little bed!!!  I was crushed…  I recall Steve setting traps, but I loathe them and frankly they scare me.  What was I to do to keep these pesky, dirty rats from my garden???

I came up with a plan to build a cover of my own 🙂  I think I did pretty well – I’m actually looking into getting myself a man card HA!!!

IMG_6922 IMG_6923

This will do temporarily, but I’m planning to make this in to something that I can remove to weed, gather fruit and prune –  Speaking of pruning…  After finishing up this project I set to work on pruning some shrubery.  I’m getting pretty good with all of the yard tools, feel like the feminine version of Tim Taylor… LOL!!!

OK, well on to the next project… Not sure what that is, but bring it on!!!



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