No Excuses!!!

sweat pink fitapproach

As part of my healing I am kicking up my fitness level –

I’ve been an ambassador for a couple of fitness groups for a year, but hadn’t really pushed it too hard.  Now is my chance to do what I started 🙂

As part of my Sweat Pink Ambassadorship I am joining the #NoExcuses 2015 challenge!!  I’m not calling this a resolution, but a motivator and a chance to keep me focused on the positives in my life.

I feel so much better when I’m moving, when I’m active.

Fitness is SO therapeutic!

I hope you follow along and that I can motivate you along the way…



4 thoughts on “No Excuses!!!

  1. I’m trying to get back to it too. Joined an 8 week boot camp of sorts with my 69 year old mom who can out do me in most fitness related things {expect running… I still got her there, but she can hold a plank for over 5 minutes}. Hoping that will get me motived all around.


  2. Awesome post Leslee! I think you are doing amazing! So proud of you and in awe of your continued strength. I agree that fitness (whatever that may be) is so therapeutic. I would not be sane without it’s continued presence in my life 🙂 So grateful for a body that moves! As always, my continued thoughts and prayers are with you as you travel this journey.


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