Family time and house projects

My son and daughter-in-law made a quick trip to CA to attend a fundraiser for a baseball buddy of my sons.  In case you haven’t heard about Aaron Demuth you can check out the GoFundMe page here, and feel free to donate to this amazing family.

Whenever our family gets together we tend to spend the entire time together all under one roof!  This Momma was so happy to have all of her ‘babies’ together this visit at my home.  We had suitcases, bags, toys, shoes, everywhere… and I loved it!!!

IMG_7035 IMG_7034

While the ‘young-uns’ attended the fundraiser, my sister and I spent the evening with my granddaughter… My sister was introduced to Princess Anna & Queen Elsa (Frozen), as she has three grandsons and was new to the Frozen life!


The next morning we passed time waiting for the fog to burn off by introducing my granddaughter to the world of Play Doh!!!!

So much fun…


Once the fog lifted we headed out to the ranch for some much needed stress release and family bonding time!!!


Teaching her proper safety with her Red Ryder BB gun 🙂


Learning how to shoot!

IMG_7807 IMG_7808IMG_7825

As much as I don’t like having a list of “to-do’s” when my family visits I indeed had one… so after some fun at the ranch I talked the kids into helping me with a couple of projects around the house.  We had my daughter in the kitchen preparing dinner, my son-in-law hanging my new TV on the bedroom wall and my son, daughter-in-law and I went to the garden to work on my varmint proof garden covers.

Installed hinges to enable me to access the garden -

Installed hinges to enable me to access the garden –

We sure love our grilled veggies!

After a wonderful weekend my heart was once again full…

It’s always so hard to go back to a quiet house once everyone leaves, but I the sounds of happy voices in my head and

that will hold me until next time!


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