The Mermaid Club

ATT00001 I am thrilled to announce that I was selected to be a 2015 ambassador for “The Mermaid Club”!!! The Mermaid Club is a relatively new club, established in September 2013 and is still evolving. It is an online community to promote good health, fitness, well-being, inspiration, motivation, positive vibes and positive change.  The goal is to provide a fun and safe environment for women to connect with each other across the globe so we can feel alive, empowered and special. Good.Clean.Fun! I had been inspired by this club for a bit of time now; I love positive energy which prompted me to submit an application to become an ambassador.  As you know, my life and motivation changed dramatically last summer and I am trying to get my ‘mojo’ back.  I feel that by motivating others it will help motivate me – I was excited to see that the club will be spreading the word of “fins up'” this month with a #mermaidmadness campaign.  What this is is a daily sharing of photos (and you know how I dig photos!!!). For the month of March I will be posting a ‘photoaday’ if you will on my social media feeds (ie; Instagram, Twitter and Facebook), I apologize in advance to those folks that will see duplications, however, I’m thankful for the follows and your interest in what I’m up to 🙂 Feel free to acknowledge your interest by ‘liking’ or commenting on my posts – Let me know you are out there!! #livelifemakewaves


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