Project Repat Blanket Review

I want to share an incredible way to re-purpose your race tech shirts, your children’s team t-shirts and jerseys and all of those 5k t-shirts!!

If you are like me, I couldn’t get rid of any of the above mentioned items! I mean really… I could never wear them all enough and they were taking up a bunch of room in my closet.  Here is the perfect way to keep them and enjoy them often!


Project Repat is a company that will take your shirts and turn them into an awesome blanket – AND the company creates new jobs, they recycle, they are friendly, and the blankets are made in USA – YEAH!!!

When placing your order you are given the choice of blanket size; lap, full, twin, queen or king. You will also choose the color of backing (polar fleece) you would like. Once your order is placed Project Repat sends you an email with instructions on how to prepare your shirts for shipment. The number of shirts needed is dependent upon the size blanket you choose. You will need to cut the shirts and send the back or front (or both if you have logos/writing on both) to Project Repat for processing.  Once your shirt panels arrive at Project Repat you will be notified via email and the sewing will begin!!!  Another email is sent when your blanket is finished and being sent back to you.  Turnaround time for my blanket was less than 10 days!

I took a walk down memory lane while preparing my shirts to ship, recalling each race and remembering something about each one.  That was a special moment, but when I received my finished blanket it was even better!  Imagine being able to look at all of your shirts at one time with fond memories while being wrapped up in their warmth 🙂

Do yourself a favor… Order a keepsake blanket full of memories!!  When you place your order using this link  you will receive a 10% discount as my referred friend!!!  You.Are.Welcome 🙂   P.S.  You can place your order and send in your shirts at your leisure…

Remember to use the link above for your discount!!

Here are a couple of pictures of my blanket (I ordered the twin size, 24 panels) –

IMG_7362   IMG_7412

Enjoy my friends!!!


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