Happy Birthday –

P7050071Today is Steve’s birthday, the first one without his actual presence.  He never liked to make a big deal about his birthday, so I won’t do it now, but I want to acknowledge the day as we always did and share some thoughts.

Erin and Tommy will be meeting up with some of Steve’s rafting family in Arizona today.  They will begin a 10 day rafting trip in the Grand Canyon.  Steve had rafted the Grand Canyon a few years ago and had the opportunity to go again this year; this was to be a trip he and Tommy would do.  Erin is taking Steve’s place, this being her maiden voyage on an extended raft trip.  I am so happy that my children are going to be able to spend 10 days together.  The time they share bonding, sharing stories with other rafters about their Dad will be something they will remember forever.  Here are some pictures from Steve’s previous trip –




I will be in Washington today with my daughter-in-law Lindsey, my Sister Teri and my granddaughter Harlow.  We will honor Steve today on the Cedar River along the Cedar River Trail.  Steve has spent time running this trail on past visits.

We are still trying to move forward without the leader of our family, each of us struggle at different times but have the support of each other to help us along.  We are all trying to make him proud and ask ourselves WWSD (What Would Steve Do) when faced with uncertainties.

I am still a crazy bundle of emotions ranging from shock (I often still expect him to come home), disappointment, sadness, anger, loneliness to being grateful for the amazing times that we had and the memories that I have.  It is one heck of a rollercoaster ride!!!

Shortly after Steve passed I received a video from a firefighter brother of Steve’s singing Garth Brooks’ song “The Dance” – It is such a profound and honest song and truly I could have missed the pain, but I would have missed the dance!  And I wouldn’t have missed that for the world!!!!

Happy Birthday to you Steve, I hope someone bakes him a german chocolate cake ~





3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday –

  1. Happy Birthday Steve! I love how your family is celebrating his memory by being out in God’s creation. I also love all the family fitness you all did and still do together.
    Your words and memories are beautiful Leslee.

    Blessings to you and your family on this special day.

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  2. Amazing….that you HAVE all those pictures, eh?!!! 🙂 So happy you and he captured so many memories that can now be enjoyed.

    How wonderful that your kids get to spend 10 days together doing what he loved also. What a way to remember him.

    I see on other media that you are having a good time although you look sad in the pics. It’s understandable. Blessings as you remember him today.

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