Project Repat Blanket Review

I want to share an incredible way to re-purpose your race tech shirts, your children’s team t-shirts and jerseys and all of those 5k t-shirts!!

If you are like me, I couldn’t get rid of any of the above mentioned items! I mean really… I could never wear them all enough and they were taking up a bunch of room in my closet.  Here is the perfect way to keep them and enjoy them often!


Project Repat is a company that will take your shirts and turn them into an awesome blanket – AND the company creates new jobs, they recycle, they are friendly, and the blankets are made in USA – YEAH!!!

When placing your order you are given the choice of blanket size; lap, full, twin, queen or king. You will also choose the color of backing (polar fleece) you would like. Once your order is placed Project Repat sends you an email with instructions on how to prepare your shirts for shipment. The number of shirts needed is dependent upon the size blanket you choose. You will need to cut the shirts and send the back or front (or both if you have logos/writing on both) to Project Repat for processing.  Once your shirt panels arrive at Project Repat you will be notified via email and the sewing will begin!!!  Another email is sent when your blanket is finished and being sent back to you.  Turnaround time for my blanket was less than 10 days!

I took a walk down memory lane while preparing my shirts to ship, recalling each race and remembering something about each one.  That was a special moment, but when I received my finished blanket it was even better!  Imagine being able to look at all of your shirts at one time with fond memories while being wrapped up in their warmth 🙂

Do yourself a favor… Order a keepsake blanket full of memories!!  When you place your order using this link  you will receive a 10% discount as my referred friend!!!  You.Are.Welcome 🙂   P.S.  You can place your order and send in your shirts at your leisure…

Remember to use the link above for your discount!!

Here are a couple of pictures of my blanket (I ordered the twin size, 24 panels) –

IMG_7362   IMG_7412

Enjoy my friends!!!


6 month update

Death changes everything

Here we are, six months post loss – There are days that seem Steve left 6 months ago and then there are days that I recall the knock on the door and being notified of the accident moments ago.  That pain in my chest, the disbelief and then the realization that he wasn’t coming home are unexplainable…  There are also still those moments that I expect him to come walking through the door after a day of rafting or fishing.  I still lapse at times and can’t wait to call or text him to tell him that I love him and I’ll see him later –

One of my major challenges is to stop worrying about how to be a Dad to my children…  They too were cheated out of so many ‘Horning University’ classes and basic ‘Steve-isms’ and I want to fill that void for them.  I have to remind myself that I cannot be their Dad, no one can.  All that I can do is be the best Mom that I can for them.  I have to keep fighting like a tiger, like a momma bear to provide for my family, I am the mothership now – their safe place, their soft place to land.

I’ve grown in many ways, I’ve had too… Steve’s passing has taught me that I need to think for myself, to be strong and confident in my decisions.

I sorely miss having someone here to take care of things with/for me. We made a great team – Fortunately Steve was a great teacher and I, a good student.  I laugh at myself sometimes now as I’m certain he thought I wasn’t listening or paying attention to what he was teaching me or telling me.  As it turns out I was and I have been able to muddle through a couple of large projects.

I still miss sitting with Steve by my side on the couch watching Food Network, The Amazing Race and Survivor.  I miss waking up next to him and going to sleep by his side.  I used to tease him because he snored, said it kept me awake… What I would give to lay awake and hear him snore!  It’s the little things sometimes that you miss the most.

Our sweet Harlow has made the adjustment from Poppa daycare to full-time Montessori well, she still talks about her Poppa and how he lives in the sunset and in our hearts.  We continue to practice sign language with her.  Poppa would be so proud of how much she has retained and I have taught her a few new signs myself.  She has a Poppa book, full of pictures of Poppa and others in our family.  It is our responsibility and joy to ensure that she remembers her Poppa and knows how much he loved her.  That little one can bring a smile to my face when all else seems so dark.

I made the decision to retire from my job as it was not the right place for me to heal.  My retirement is a far cry from what I had envisioned it would be, but it has given me the opportunity to spend time with friends and family.  This time has proved to be some of the best therapy I could have asked for.  Retirement has also given me time learn my new duties as CEO, COO, CFO and master gardener at the Horning Homestead

I found myself driven to do something to immortalize Steve’s life on Earth… I started a hashtag on social media of #stevechurch; to mark anytime you are out enjoying nature, when you are working on your fitness, enjoying a beautiful sunrise or sunset.  Steve was all about these things; nature, fitness and beautiful skies.  It seems to have taken off pretty well and it brings me incredible joy to see it used.

Some days I feel that I can take on anything that is set in front of me and then there are the days that everything I do seems like an unsurpassable hill.  I’m told that this is all part of the healing process, so I continue to climb those hills as they are set before me, to make me stronger, confident and heal.

I saw the following on a support blog and want to share it:

Widow, huh…widow……that’s an odd word isn’t it?  I don’t like that word!  It seems so hollow – Widow

I bet if I put the letter “n” in there, it turns into Window, a way to look out… or in… with a new perspective, a new view, a different view.  I suppose it will be like any other time I look through the window…  Sometimes I like what I see and sometimes I don’t.  Sometimes it’s sunny and bright, sometimes cloudy and stormy, sometimes overcast, sometimes the sun is hidden by big puffy clouds passing over its path.  If I think of it that way, I can envision how the next year will go ~ a mixed bag of sunny, cloudy, rainy, bright or snowy days with an emotion attached to each.  The stormy days don’t last forever and neither do the sunny days, but in the end it all works out.  There is growth, there are seasons and a reason for each.  This will be my journey, a journey I will be taking without my love, but with him there by my side in my memories and in my heart each step of the way.

On the upside I know that I have so many supporters and I appreciate you all –

I don’t know what tomorrow or the next day or even 6 months from now will bring, but I do know that having people out there that care about me and support me is so incredibly comforting.

Thank you for hanging in there for this rather lengthy post!

You dirty rat…

As you know I take my gardening very serious –

When we began winter gardens, Steve made a cover for the raised garden planters out of pvc pipe and visqueen (plastic sheeting).  We recently had a cold front move through which brought freezing temps at night, this requires blankets over the winter cover to insure there is no frost damage.  The freezing nights and cold days had me leaving the covers on for 2-3 days.  When the weather began to warm some and the sun came out I headed out to remove the cover/blankets to allow the garden to enjoy the sunshine.  This is what I found:

IMG_6887 IMG_6886 IMG_6885

Yup, dirty rate had gotten in the garden and devoured all of the little brussels sprouts that had grown and even ate the leaves and most of the stalks!!!  Additionally, they ate the lone cauliflower that I had, which was about 6″ in diameter! and had even made a little bed!!!  I was crushed…  I recall Steve setting traps, but I loathe them and frankly they scare me.  What was I to do to keep these pesky, dirty rats from my garden???

I came up with a plan to build a cover of my own 🙂  I think I did pretty well – I’m actually looking into getting myself a man card HA!!!

IMG_6922 IMG_6923

This will do temporarily, but I’m planning to make this in to something that I can remove to weed, gather fruit and prune –  Speaking of pruning…  After finishing up this project I set to work on pruning some shrubery.  I’m getting pretty good with all of the yard tools, feel like the feminine version of Tim Taylor… LOL!!!

OK, well on to the next project… Not sure what that is, but bring it on!!!


My New Roll

Since Steve’s passing I have been learning a lot about myself;  I’ve learned how confident I am and that I am not afraid to try to do things, I’ve learned to be independent, I’ve learned to make smart decisions and the most important being I’ve learned how much he taught me and that I am capable of so many things.

It’s not the best case scenario by any means, and I can’t sit around and hope that things will get done.  I need to take the bull by the horns and figure it out!   I was not the kind of wife that took their husband for granted, Steve took care of so many things and I loved that about him.  If it needed to be fixed, I knew that he could do it.  If it needed mowing, he would do it.  If I needed an errand run during the week, he was happy to help.  He was just the kind of person that was always doing something!  His gift to me was always his time; he would do his chores, fishing, projects, rafting, etc. during the week while I was at work so that in the evenings and on the weekends he was ALL MINE.  I appreciated that and acknowledged that frequently.  I can’t tell you the number of times I said “thank you for all you did today” before we went to sleep at night.

Which brings me to share my new roll; the handyman!!  What this means is that not only do I get to run the inside of the house, but I get to run the outside too…  Somewhat strange territory for me, but I’m working it out.  I have been able to start and run all of the pieces of power equipment to do the yard work and have only had one mishap where I ruined a lawn pinwheel with the string trimmer, ooops!  I’ve learned how to put gas in the 1980 Jeep CJ-5 (this required some help from my brother-in-law), I figured out how to lay a drip system for the garden and I even devised a way to keep the rain from seeping into the spa until I can buy a new cover (not the prettiest, but I got it done!).


Another milestone for me was changing out two leaky sprinklers!!!


and finally, I took apart the house fans, cleaned them and prepared them for storage until next Spring/Summer


Slowly but surely I am learning that my life needs to move forward, without my true love, my best friend, my lover and the man of my dreams.

I will continue to thank him each night for all that he has given me and all that he did to ensure a secure life for me and our children.  I will continue to miss him like crazy and will do my best to honor him and his memory each and every day – to make him proud.