Hot Chocolate 5k/15k – San Francisco

I had heard about the Hot Chocolate race series for couple of years and decided to give it a try this year!  I was looking forward to a fun destination run too!!  San Francisco was the closest to me so off I went…  This was my first time driving solo for a long distance, but I was determined to do this myself and build my confidence.  I wasn’t completely alone…  I had my trusty snuggle buddy Simba with me and he was the perfect co-pilot 🙂



After visiting the race expo and picking up my bib and ‘swag bag’, which included a zip front hoodie (SCORE!) I headed to the hotel.  The Stanyan Park hotel is located directly across the street from Golden Gate Park, which was the start and finish for the race.  Although I am only a two hour drive from San Francisco/Golden Gate Park I had never been to Golden Gate Park!!  It is truly a gem…  I hope to make it back and spend more time wandering around and enjoying all that it has to offer!


This was the first chance I had to show off my Ink n’ Burn kit!!  Here I am with my daughter at the start line:


After completing your race, by the way I PR’d this race 🙂 you are given a bowl filled with a cup of hot chocolate, chocolate fondue, a marshmallow, banana, pretzels and rice krispie treat.


This is what happens when you dip your banana into the chocolate fondue…


I would definitely recommend this race to you!  Check out the many locations it is offered!!

This was a great day for a run and it was awesome to run this with my daughter by my side, well not really as I was usually BEHIND her LOL!!!  She has legs much longer than her Momma, but it was fun to be there together ~


Bringing the year to a close – An Update Post

I have immersed myself with family and friends of late but wanted to bring you up to speed of the happenings!  Editor’s Note: I apologize in advance for the length of this post 🙂

Seattle!  My daughter-in-law was turning 30 and I was fortunate to be able to help celebrate, and of course we surprised her with my visit!!!ry=400

I enjoyed some much needed one on one time with my son, his wife and then my friend (daughter-in-laws mom).  Beautiful view of the city form my friends new place and the birthday party was attended by several friends and family!!


Harlow turned 3!

How quickly this little one is growing up!!  Harlow has been talking about being Jack Skelington from The Nightmare Before Christmas for Halloween for some time.  Her birthday party was held the day after Halloween prompting a costume party!!!  My daughter and son-in-law played along and dressed up as did I.  What gathering for us would be complete without a surprise? my son flew in from Seattle to surprise his sister and attend the party as Buzz (that’s my nephew as a redneck 🙂 )

IMG_6410 IMG_6413IMG_6417


We had a pre-planned trip to Disneyland and all decided the trip is just what we needed; time to get away, laugh, scream, smile and just be together.  It is just what we needed!!!  I’ve not been to Disneyland at Christmas time and it was so awesome!!  Harlow took her first ride on Splash Mountain like a trooper 🙂 and I took my first (2nd, 3rd and 4th) trip on The Tower of Terror, LOVED IT!!!


Polar Express!

I had the pleasure of joining my daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter for a ride on The Polar Express…  It was really a fun trip and seeing things through a toddlers eyes is so fun!  Yes, we wore matching jammies!!!

IMG_6668 IMG_6670 IMG_6676

Seattle Christmas!

Another trip to the PNW was enjoyed by all to celebrate Christmas…  My son and daughter-in-law had plenty of fun plans for us on this visit and the ladies saw The Pacific Northwest Ballet’s version of The Nutcracker.  We all were able to enjoy a game of ‘everyone must wear a hat’, with granddaughter Harlow as the game master!  Another great family visit ♥

IMG_6804 IMG_6817 IMG_4037

So, you see I have been keeping very busy and surrounding myself with family!  It has been very comforting to be able to have this time and it’s been so helpful!

My best wishes to you all in the New Year!

Birthday surprises –

There is nothing as important to me than family and so far this month I have been fortunate to be able to spend more time with them!

As I posted here, my Son celebrated his 30th birthday.  His wife was going to honor him with a surprise party and I was beyond excited that I could go.  Not only was the party a surprise, my visit was too!!

Aside from my excitement to visit my Washington family, the trip was not without apprehension.  This was going to be my trip ALONE… Once again, I took a picture of where I parked the car and made my way through security, boarding and loading my own luggage in the overhead bin.  I was feeling rather accomplished and thinking that this might not be as bad as I thought it may be.  Once the pilot announced that the doors were closed and we began to taxi to the runway my heart sunk ~  I looked next to me and saw this:


Uh huh.. Nothing like rubbing it in – YOU.ARE.ALONE  !!!  The guy behind me must have thought I was a not job as I was in tears for the majority of the flight.  I know that in time this won’t hurt so bad, but I am working it out.

We indeed surprised my Son when he arrived home from work and saw his Ma standing at the door!!  I had to tell him a little white lie as we have a family locator app on our phones… Told him I dropped my phone in the spa when I was cleaning it, had to turn it off to dry it in rice… HA!!!


The day after I arrived both my son and daughter-in-law were working so my daughter-in-law’s mom and I got to spend the day playing in Seattle.  She is moving into a new place and I was able to have a royal tour – Kimmie and I have become so close these past months, she has provided me so much support and guidance.  I am so thankful to have her in my life and call her ohana!



It was a beautiful sunny day in Seattle and we had lunch at one of my favorite places, Ivar’s for some clam chowder in a sourdough bowl, SO YUMMY!!!  This was my first visit to this location, right on Lake Washington and it was so awesome as you can see…


After a fun filled day in Seattle it was time to head home and get ready for the surprise party!!!!!  Again, dear son was completely surprised – The gathering was held at Cole Street Brewery, which is a 2 Barrel direct fired brew house with 4 barrel fermentation tanks.  It is a small tasting room and the owners make you feel so at home.  I was great to spend time with my kids’ friends.


The brewery also has an amazing view of Mt. Rainier, which it happened to be a beautiful day/evening and afforded us this backdrop for our group picture:

IMG_6191 (2)

I highly suggest you click on this picture to enlarge it and see how beautiful the view is!!!

Before I knew it, four days had passed and it was time for me to return home.  I love visiting the state of Washington, so beautiful and my family and friends there are such wonderful people!  Happy Birthday Tommy, hope you had a great time ~

Until next time…