Three Years


Where does time go? Some days I feel at a standstill and the others… I feel I’m honoring you by moving forward! “Get busy living” you loved to say, well I’m all in on that!!  Sometimes maybe too much LOL!

You continue to and always will live with us in our hearts and minds… You instilled so many life lessons that we will never forget!

In the years since you passed we have had bad days and we have had good days. Many times we hide those bad days and try to learn from them; they give us strength as we realize there will be better days and we WILL have good days again as we reflect on the many memories.

Our Ohana has seen some changes since you left us… you have another beautiful granddaughter who arrived tiny but!!! I’m certain that this little one was watched over by many of our angel family. Since I took a leap of faith and met a man, a fellow widower, we continue to enjoy attending events, travelling and laughing together.  He has taken me under his wing to love and support. I would have never thought I’d love or be happy again but I know now that grief and joy can in fact co-exist. It’s all part of the duality of grief; stillness and movement… Your oldest granddaughter is growing so quickly; smart as a whip!  She recently informed a stranger about your accident… it’s her reality too! and asked me some very pointed questions about you, me and my ‘boyfriend’.  I’m glad that we can openly discuss our new normal, she is a very brave little girl!

Noone can ever take your place, we talk of you often, say your name and will continue with the little ones so that they know and remember you!

I’m still at our house… I try so very hard to keep things as you had set up!  That front yard tho’!!!  LOL… I know it was meant to be low maintenance but dang… 🙂  It means a lot to me to keep it the way you had envisioned.  I love sitting in the backyard admiring the view and recalling all the time you spent making it what it is today.

We will continue to live life to the fullest and Get Busy Living all in moderation…

Much love to you in Heaven Beano…



Fathers Day 2015 – The last of the firsts…

First, let me wish all of you Fathers a very Happy Fathers Day!

May you be celebrated for all of the things you have done and all that you will continue to do for your family!

For me, today marks the final major holiday of firsts that we will acknowledge without our family patriarchs physical presence…  It has been a very difficult year of firsts, but my family has made it through this, TOGETHER!  We are fortunate to have each other to carry us through and I couldn’t love them more.

I am also aware of the significance of this day for my children; a day to honor the main male role model in their lives – it pains me that they cannot do this in person, but I know my children and I am certain that their Father will be honored, no matter where he is!

He will be honored:

This man, their Father… the man who upon their births was too emotional to inform me of their gender, I still can see the look in his eyes of pure amazement…

This man, their Father… who took part in the neighborhood carpool to school.

This man, their Father… stepped up to coach many softball/baseball teams.

This man, their Father… the one that we all looked to for advice.

This man, their Father… who will continue to watch over us and guide us from his new home…

I trust they know how much their Father took pride in all that they achieved and spoke highly of them often.

Happy Fathers Day to you Steve, you deserve the highest of honors!!


Runners Etiquette

Having run my share of races and training runs, I felt compelled to share a few do’s and don’t of race day etiquette.  Thanks to Karen for allowing me to use her post as a launch pad for my own!

Woman Running Royalty Free Stock Image - 33992256

Don’t Hog the Road– If you are running in a group don’t run more than two abrest. This leaves room for others to pass you. I’ve been at races where people are walking 4-5 people across and it’s really difficult to navigate. Share the road, we all want to cross the finish line!

Porta Potty Knock- We all know that runners are in a mad rush to get in and out of the potty before/during a race and in our haste we sometimes forget to lock the door or knock to make sure no one is in there. Give a courtesy knock 🙂

Walk This Way- I understand run/walk intervals but in a large race it can be difficult to constantly be stopping mid stride with so many people around you.  Stick to one side and be sure to look around before coming to a complete walk.

MVP- It takes a lot of people to put on a race and I always consider the volunteers the MVP’s of raceday. Be sure to thank volunteers at water stations, at the finish line and even at the start line!

Manners Matter- Races can be crowded and people are bound to bump shoulders and brush elbows but I always try to be as careful as possible and leave enough space between myself and another person. I also always try to be courteous if I accidentally bump somoeone and give a little “oops!” or “sorry about that” if I really bump into them. Not everyone responds (headphones on or in the zone) but I try my best to mind my manners.

What are your race day etiquette tips?  Did I miss any of yours??


#RocknRollSeattle recap

Half marathon #21!! Thank you Seattle and to the Rock and Roll Marathon organization for another awesome event.

Once again we flew our favorite Alaska Airlines to Seattle, arriving Thursday evening.  Our Son picked us up from the airport after his shift!

Friday morning we walked to The Original Pancake House to begin our carb loading.  This place has several unique pancakes and they have a real family friendly feel.  After breakfast we headed to the Rock n Roll Seattle Expo held at the CenturyLink Field Event Center.  This is a huge complex that is used my many, many events in the Seattle area.  Although two story, the expo was held downstairs.  Here is just one shot of the layout – Shout out to Brooks for their fun Run Happy Island!!!


Saturday was an early rise as the run began at 7AM!  It turned out to be a fabulously beautiful day in Seattle!!!  NO RAIN! 🙂  I captured this view on our way to the start line…


The start line is directly under the Space Needle.. .Such an incredible sight!!  I was so proud to wear the fabulous Red/White/Blue with my InknBurn Patriot tank.  If you haven’t seen or heard about Ink n’ Burn you really need to check then out!  I am in love with the material of their apparel and all of their designs are SO unique!!!



My daughter-in-law also ran; this was her 7th year running this race 🙂


This course is really a sight!, however it is NO.JOKE!!  Although Seattle is no San Francisco, it has it’s share of elevation changes…  Some of the highlites are running by the beautiful Lake Washington.  There is about a mile of this area that is lined with folks holding American flags and signs of service personnel who have given the ultimate sacrifice to our Country.  I always find it necessary to turn of my music and hold my hand over my heart in honor of these individuals.


Finally… the end!  Another successful race!  Again, right underneath the Space Needle…  The lovely Lauren from Marathonlar joined my daughter-in-law (they have started this race together for seven years but finished together for the first time)!!


Since I completed both RnR Portland AND RnR Seattle I earned the Pacific Peaks medal, so I came home with 2 medals…  Which BTW, the TSA did not like 🙂 bag was halted through security for a double check… HA!


Another fun weekend spent with family AND running…